Shaping tomorrow's world: artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence, an area of research where computer science and applied mathematics converge, involves a number of issues critical for tomorrow's economy and society. X is at the cutting edge in both these disciplines and has made this fast-growing field one of its priorities. In 2018, Polytechnique launched a Master of Science and Technology degree entitled "Artificial intelligence and Advanced Visual Computing" in conjunction with Inria, ENSTA ParisTech and Télécom ParisTech. Every sector of the economy is being impacted today by the development of artificial intelligence-related technologies and so this course aims to meet the substantial recruitment needs of companies and research institutes. X has also signed a partnership agreement with Enedis to work on joint projects in the artificial intelligence field. The power grid operator funds grants for students on the master's course and proposes scientific projects relating to operational issues encountered by the company. Since 2017, X has also hosted a Fujitsu center of excellence dedicated to artificial intelligence. The Japanese giant's teams work with École Polytechnique's laboratories and with the startups in its incubator on projects in the fields of machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing. The center also participates in European academic project related to artificial intelligence.