Shaping tomorrow's world: Internet of Things

With the prospect of over 50 billion connected objects by 2020, a new internet era is dawning with the Internet of Things. This implies major strategic challenges in terms of growth, competitiveness and jobs. To address this challenge, École Polytechnique is developing training programs and its laboratories are engaging in research on this subject. As early as 2014, X launched its international "Internet of Everything" Chair sponsored by Cisco with the aim of preparing students and researchers for the challenges they will face tomorrow due to the technological changes brought about by IoT, which is transforming every sector of society and the economy. The chair is intended, in particular, to contribute to reinforcing research activities in X's laboratories relating to the networks applied to the Internet of Everything. On the teaching side, in 2017 Polytechnique launched a Master of Science and Technology degree entitled "Internet of Things: Innovation and Management" to meet growing demand from industry faced with a need for experts in the field of connected objects. This course consists of two strands, focused on entrepreneurship or management, enabling future entrepreneurs, engineers and consultants to acquire expertise in the internet of things. In continuing education, in 2016 École Polytechnique Executive Education began a program aimed at professionals, engineers and managers in particular, leading to a certificate in connected objects. This course gives the participants an up-to-date overview of the usages and opportunities of the internet of things, enables them to integrate connected object systems with wider communication systems like the internet, as well as providing an introduction to big data management.